Listening AACP radios on EuroTruck Simulator 2

  • Understand a little bit of Linux (in theory, it is possible to use Windows with Docker, but I never did).
  • Azuracast:
  • Create a clean Linux installation.
    I suggest Ubuntu Desktop, but feel free to try to use other distros.
  • Install AzuraCast.
  • Name: as you wish :)
  • Uncheck “Enable Downloads on On-Demand Page”
    Broadcasting: check that Icecast radio option is checked
  • AutoDJ tab: check that Liquidsoap and mp3 format are checked.
  • In the playlist option, manage the default playlist
  • In the ‘source’ tab, select the option ‘Remote URL playlist’ and configure with the source radio URL .



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Marcelo Leite

Marcelo Leite


an IT enthusiast that not so much good to self-describe …